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If owning a saltwater swimming pool is in your plans, or you already have one, today is your lucky day. When it comes to saltwater pool maintenance, there are important things to learn and consider. Now you probably wonder, “is a saltwater pool easier to maintain?” Let’s find it out! Continue reading to learn how to care for a saltwater pool and get the best of it.

Is a Saltwater Pool Easier to Maintain
Is a Saltwater Pool Easier to Maintain

Saltwater Swimming Pool Maintenance

How to maintain a saltwater pool? First, you need to keep your pump, filter, and skimmer clean and in good operating condition. When it comes to saltwater swimming pool maintenance, it’s necessary to check the salt chlorinator cell and replace it when needed. It’s also required to test regularly for proper water chemistry in order to keep the pool water clean and clear.

Saltwater Pool Chemistry

Besides preventing high pH levels in your swimming pool, there are other chemicals to pay attention to. Test your pool water pH levels, salt, total alkalinity, stabilizer, total hardness, and free chlorine, using a saltwater pool test strip. Then, make sure to balance it using an online water chemistry calculator.

Salinity Level

As a saltwater pool salinity level is about 1/12 of the salinity of the ocean, it’s quite soft and feels great on the skin. A drop of water from a saltwater pool has even less salt than a human tear!

Saltwater Pool Maintenance
Saltwater Pool Maintenance

Saltwater Pool vs Traditional Chlorinated Pool

While chlorine is added directly to the water in a traditional pool, salt is dissolved in saltwater pools. Then, our system converts the salt into the right amount of chlorine, leading to clear, clean, and incredibly soft water. Switching from a traditional chlorinated pool to a saltwater swimming pool is probably among the best pool cleaning tips, due to the process of high quality of sanitization these pools use.

Maintenance Costs

When it comes to maintenance costs, we can consider saltwater swimming pools less expensive than traditionally chlorinated pools. Besides not being necessary to buy chlorine, (because it’s generated from the salt) saltwater pools require fewer chemicals to keep the water clear and clean. So, is a saltwater pool easier to maintain? We’ll answer this question in a moment.

Maintenance Level of Difficulty

Is a saltwater pool easier to maintain than a traditional pool? Absolutely! As your salt chlorinator will do the work, you don’t need to buy any chlorine, just add salt and you’ll get clear and clean water. How to take care of a saltwater pool has never been easier!

Salt Systems

Commonly, salt systems work best with a teaspoon of salt per gallon, which is equivalent to 3200 parts per million of salt. If the water starts looking cloudy, it’s a sign of an insufficient level of salt or a problem with the salt chlorinator. Make sure to keep your pool filter clean and run your system to turn all water over once a day. So, is a pool safe after rain? If the water looks cloudy, you know the answer now.

How to Maintain a Saltwater Pool
How to Maintain a Saltwater Pool

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