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Debunking Pool Ownership Myths

Are you thinking about buying a pool? It seems that when you are considering it, everyone wants to give you some sage advice about being a pool owner. Truth is, much of the “common knowledge” about pool ownership is a pure myth. Here are some of the more common ones and why they simply aren’t true.

Installing a Pool Will Ruin Your Yard

Having a pool installed is a construction project. This means that there is going to be heavy equipment and construction workers getting the job done. While there will be some minimal damage to your grass, professionals at Company Pools will keep it to a minimum and can help you get your yard looking great again in no time at all.

Owning a Pool Increases Utilities

The pumps, heaters, and lights that make up a great Company pool will take some energy to do so. Depending on how much you use your pool, you may see some increase in those bills. When you compare the cost of these rising bills, as well as the pool chemicals, with the cost of a boat, RV, or an expensive vacation, you will find it much cheaper to own a swimming pool. It’s especially cheaper when you consider how much time you have to spend in the pool!

Pools Make It Hard to Sell Your Home

Many people insist that a pool makes your home more difficult to sell in the event you need to move. This is simply untrue. Realtors and banks look at pools as a home improvement that adds value to your home, not takes it away. Many buyers will seek out homes that have pools exclusively. Having a pool will add value in the long run and make your home more attractive to those seeing one with a pool.

Pools Take a lot of Time to Maintain

Depending on how heavily you use your pool, you can expect to spend an hour or two a week maintaining it. This includes cleaning, inspection of the mechanicals and balancing the pool chemistry. Pools can take a lot of maintenance time if you neglect them and don’t keep up on the maintenance, just like anything else in your home. Spending a couple hours doing a little upkeep will ensure that your pool is ready for you and your family to enjoy.

Pools Are Dangerous

A pool is a fun way for families and friends to relax and have fun. As with anything some rules and responsibility are needed to prevent accidents. Lay the ground rules and stick to them for everyone at the pool, and you should have no problem creating a safe environment to relax and enjoy.


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