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Swimming Pool Fire & Water Features

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A beautiful and inviting combination, fire and water, can showcase the elegance in your pool. Fire and water combinations provide a dual effect on your senses. The sound of cascading water that creates a relaxing environment after a long day at work and the brilliance of fire that sets the perfect ambience.

We hope that as you view our photo gallery, you can capture your ideas and design your backyard with your own personal touch Please visit our photo gallery below, showcasing some of our poolside fire bowls and fire pits .



Since 2008, the Regal Pool’s team has continued to grow. By hiring experienced and skilled craftsmen and partnering with some of the most reputable contractors in the area, Regal has been able to deliver on their promise of exceptional quality, beautiful custom design, and unparalleled customer service.


The hard work of the Regal team hasn’t gone unnoticed. In the six years that we’ve been serving The Woodlands, Cypress and surrounding areas, our dedicated team has already been honored with reputable national (APSP) and international awards, including our placement in the Wall Street Journal’s “World’s Greatest Pools” where we were featured with just a hand full of other award-winning designers in August 2013.

Our dedication, passion, and thrill for what we do is what has made us a leader in the The Woodlands pool and patio industry, and what will keep us working hard for our clients now and for many years to come.