Spring Swimming Pool Renovation & Remodeling

Swimming Pool Repair, Pool Resurfacing, Pool Redesign

You love your pool, but there are cracks and stains developing on the pool floor. The pool tile went out of style years ago and some of the pool equipment isn’t functioning as well as it did when it was new. It’s time for a “face lift” in your back yard! Regal Pool and Design will make your swimming pool more beautiful, more functional and a lot safer for your family with our pool renovation and remodeling services!

The Woodlands Area Pool Renovation Services

Regal Pool Designs couples creative pool design with state-of-the-art swimming pool and deck updates to provide an amazing recreation space and enhance the comfort and safety of your own backyard resort. You may need coping or vinyl liner replacement. Mosaics and all-tile finishes for the swimming pool will make you think you’re swimming in luxury! Whatever pool renovations or repairs you need, we can help. Please read below for a few of the pool renovation and repair services we offer.

A pool renovation is improving your existing pool by changing or updating the materials used such as:

  • Resurfacing your pool with a pebble-based finish
  • Changing your decking material to add pavers, stamped concrete or flagstone
  • Replacing your tile and coping
  • Repairing or replacing old/out-dated pool equipment

The Woodlands Area Pool Remodeling Services

What a dream it would be to transform your existing swimming pool into your own personal oasis. Regal Pool and Design staff will utilize creative custom pool design and state-of-the-art updates to provide you with an amazing space and enhance the comfort and safety of your own backyard resort. Add drama with a waterfall or a water curtain and your relaxation level will soar. Private night swimming is more enjoyable with fiber optic or LED lighting. You may want to modify the design, shape, depth and/or style of your swimming pool. Why not go “exotic” and add a spa and a “vanishing edge” to your pool. Your old pool deserves to be beautiful and your choices are limitless. Please read below to see a few of our pool remodeling services.

A pool remodel is to add to your existing pool. Incorporating water features is a great way to remodel your existing swimming pool, such as:

  • Adding a vanishing or negative edge to your pool
  • Adding a custom spa
  • Adding a rock waterfall or grotto
  • Adding a water curtain
  • Adding a slide and or diving board
  • Adding bubblers

Enjoy every minute in your pool! Call our pool renovation, remodel and repair experts at (281) 251-0044 for a complimentary consultation.