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If you are a pool owner, then you will know that owning a pool comes with a lot of maintenance. One of the most important things that a pool needs is a pool cover. This will help you to save energy and money as these covers help you to prevent the water from getting easily evaporated. Also, a pool cover can control the temperature of the water which eliminates the need for using an electric water heating pump or other sources. With all of these advantages of simply covering your pool when it’s not being used, it would be even more convenient if you had a pool cover that automatically did it all for you. So, what are automatic pool covers and don’t know how automatic pool covers work? This article will go over why this technology may be the future of pool maintenance.

How AutomaHow Automatic Pool Covers Worktic Pool Covers Work

As the name suggest, the automatic pool cover can cover and uncover the pool as soon as you activate the system. It definitely helps by making your work much easier more convenient. You can operate it according to your preferences. So, how does it work? There is a leading edge tube in the pool cover where the leading edge will be attached. The two edges of the pool cover will run in parallel manner on the two parallel tracks running on both sides of the pool.

The automated pool covers are available in different styles and designs. Based on the design of the pool, there are two parallel tracks that can either be mounted on the inside edge of the pool or even on the pool deck. Your automated pool cover entirely depends on your choices and preferences.

Mechanism Behind Automatic Pool Covers

The mechanism behind automatic pool covers is quite simple. It consists of a series of some interlocking gears. When you switch on the system, the gears become activated and they will automatically start spinning the heavy aluminum tube. Hence, the pool cover will also start rolling on or off the pool to cover or uncover it.

These gears are powered mainly by two ways. One is powered by electricity and another way to power it is through a hydraulic system. When it is a huge pool, the hydraulic system is often used. This is because these pools don’t have motors just next to pool. Otherwise an electric motor can be used for fulfilling the same purpose.


So, now you know how automatic pool covers work and what the advantages are. There is no doubt that the automatic pool covers are some of the most convenient types of pool covers you can have. You do not have to manually cover the pool or uncover it after and before swimming. With the automated mechanism, it will be quite convenient and easy for you to open and close the cover whenever you want it to. This will keep your water at the right temperature without allowing it to get too cold or too hot during winter and summer respectively. It will also prevent the water from getting evaporated too quickly. As a custom pool builder, Regal Pools knows more than anyone how critical it is to maintain your pool properly, and using automatic pool covers is one of those options.

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