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Customized swimming pools are getting popular as a home improvement project, and a pool pebble finish also takes the limelight. Have you ever wondered, “Should I add pebble finish to my pool?” A pebble pool is one of the typical home project plans that a growing number of people take.

What is a Pebble Pool Surface?

A pebble pool surface is formed by mixing hydraulic cement and polished stone pebbles. The concrete applied to the pool gets layered with the pebble mixture poured over, and the mixture either gets wiped by the hand or blasted by water to expose the pebbled layer on top.

Pebble Pool
Pebble Pool

Long Lifespan and Low-Maintenance

The cost of a pool pebble finish depends on several factors, such as the depth of your pool, but generally, a pool pebble finish costs more than plaster pool finishes. The good thing is it can guarantee you a longer lifespan. The non-porous pebble pool surface assures you that it prevents staining, resists the growth of algae, and doesn’t absorb chemicals from the pool.

Plaster surfaces may be cheaper but the maintenance costs will break the bank, especially when the stains stay more visible. You end up having a short lifespan for your pool finishing, and the small amount of money you shelled out upfront will just be offset by a large amount of money you have to spend in repairs later on.

Customized Visual Appearance

Just as it is important to understand if a pool cover warms the water, it is also essential that you plan how your pool pebble finish will look like.


Color choices depend on your preference for your PebbleTX pool finish, as the colors will rely on the picture you have in your head. Should I add pebble finish to my pool? Would I like the appearance of my pebble pool finish to be cheerful for summer, or sleek and cool? Pebble surfaces come in different colors, allowing you to choose between lighter shades or darker hues.


Texture also comes into play in pebble pool finish, as smaller pebbles in your pebble pool will be better options to achieve surfaces that aren’t prone to slipping and staining. Your feet are less likely to get scraped too, as the surface isn’t too rough as compared to one where larger pebbles are used.


Keeping the design in mind is also essential, as you may want the design of your backyard to be in sync with the overall design of your house, patio, or automatic pool cover.

Pool Pebble Finish
Pool Pebble Finish

Since a pool pebble finish lasts longer than plaster pool finishes, you are guaranteed to save time, money, and effort over the years. If you already have a PebbleTX pool finish, imagine the amount of time you save from reducing the number of brushing you need to make. Just see to it that you observe pool cleaning tips and maintenance especially with the use of chemicals, as it may result in calcium buildup. The ideal pool water chemical balance is 7.4 and 7.5, as swimming in a pool with high pH can be dangerous.

“Should I add pebble finish to my pool?” Absolutely. Now that you know what is a pebble surface and how it can make your pool surface more appealing and functional, feel free to plan the design you want to achieve the stylish backyard oasis you have in mind.

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