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Sparkling pools, inviting spas, mesmerizing fountains and waterscapes. A perfectly sculpted backyard oasis complete with fire pit, dramatic lighting and a fully-appointed outdoor kitchen. The only limitations are your imagination. Simply let your imagination run free.

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About Regal Pools

We are the only pool builder in Katy, Texas that is a Master Pools Guild member, representing only the best talent in luxury swimming pool design and construction.

The Master Pools Guild (MPG) is an exclusive global network of 100+ elite custom pool builders chosen for their exceptional skills and reputation in pool design and construction. Established in 1962, MPG sets the benchmark for quality and innovation in the industry. Being a member means access to a collaborative community of experts, staying updated on design trends and technology, and a commitment to excellence in creating beautiful and lasting pools for clients. Since members are not competitors, choosing a Guild member is like choosing a local expert with access to over 100 other consultants from across the globe.

Our team possesses a depth of experience and knowledge that sets us apart in the industry, ensuring your custom swimming pool will exceed your expectations. With meticulous attention to detail and flawless execution, our resort-style projects grace various cities across Texas, making us one of the select few pool builders capable of serving numerous locations.

Regal is an innovative custom swimming pool contractor serving Cypress, boasting over 15 years of experience in crafting breathtaking pool designs. We proudly hold the title of Texas’ #1 pool builders in Cypress.

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Our Work Brings Great Reviews

We had a great experience with Regal Pools. We gave Josh a photo of a pool we liked. Working just with that image, he exceeded our expectations. The ‘weeping wall’ creates a serene and inviting environment. One neighbor remarked, ‘ This is the most beautiful backyard in The Woodlands.’ Regal comes with our highest recommendation.

G. Anderson – The Woodlands, TX

Your new backyard design in a 3D realistic immersive experience.

From the pool screen and into your backyard, our talented team of pool designers has the experience and knowledge to bring your outdoor vision to life. Together with the project manager and project supervisor, our pool design experts see each project through to ensure every pool is built to Regal's exacting standards.

Exceptional Swimming Pool Design and Construction Services in Cypress

Cypress, Texas, is a vibrant community cherished for its charming ambiance and suburban lifestyle. Many residents in Cypress aspire to elevate their outdoor living spaces with opulent swimming pools. Regal Pools, a distinguished name among Cypress pool builders, takes pride in the art of transforming backyards into havens of relaxation and entertainment. Our unwavering commitment to excellence in custom pool design and construction showcases not only our dedication to our craft but also our deep-rooted affection for serving the residents of Cypress and its surrounding areas.

Creating Dream Outdoor Living Spaces

At Regal Pools, we recognize that a swimming pool is more than just a place to swim; it is the centerpiece of an outdoor living area where countless cherished memories are forged. Our custom pool services in Cypress encompass the entire journey, from the initial concept to the final installation and every step in between. Whether you desire a new pool, a pool renovation, or the transformation of an existing pool, we offer award-winning design and top-notch craftsmanship to ensure your pool mirrors your unique style and requirements.

Incredible Swimming Pools That Stand Out

At Regal Pools, we are proud to be one of the most recognized companies among Cypress pool builders, celebrated for our creation of unique pools that defy convention. Whether you desire a breathtaking gunite pool or a sleek fiberglass pool, our designs are tailored to your personal preferences. We specialize in transforming outdated pools into captivating oases, complete with enchanting rock waterfalls, soothing spa designs, and even fully-equipped outdoor kitchens. Our objective is to infuse a touch of luxury and innovation into your Cypress backyard, crafting a space you’ll treasure for years to come.

Serving Cypress, Texas with Passion

Our dedication to serving Cypress, Texas, and its neighboring areas is resolute. We have tirelessly worked to establish ourselves as the top pool company in the Cypress region, consistently delivering award-winning designs and flawless pool remodeling services. We firmly believe that Cypress, with its unique charm and family-friendly atmosphere, merits nothing less than the best in pool and spa design

Pool ownership should be more about fun and less about work. We offer several maintenance and cleaning packages to keep your pool looking beautiful, and its system running efficiently. Choose between our pool service packages or our a la carte services Our services include:

  • Repairs
  • Monthly Service
  • Salt Water Conversions
  • Heater Replacements
  • Equipment Overhaul
  • Energy Efficient Pumps
  • Bead Blasting (Removing Scale Off Tile & Stone)
  • Pool Inspections
  • Acid Washing & Replastering
  • Green To Clean

Why Choose Regal Pools

  1. Quality Craftsmanship: Our commitment to quality craftsmanship ensures that every pool we create is not just a pool but a work of art.
  2. Free Consultation: We offer a free consultation to understand your vision and provide tailored solutions for your outdoor space.
  3. Award-Winning Design: Our dedication to creating unique and beautiful pools has earned us the most recognition and awards of any pool company in Katy.
  4. Katy’s Leading Pool Builder: Regal Pools is proud to be known as one of Katy’s top pool builders, serving Katy, TX 77494, and its surrounding areas.
  5. Transforming Outdated Pools: We have a reputation for turning old and outdated pools into contemporary, stunning masterpieces.
  6. Outdoor Living Paradise: We specialize in creating complete outdoor living areas, including hot tubs, rock waterfalls, and outdoor kitchens.
  7. Custom Pool Experts: We are custom pool experts, capable of bringing your dream pool to life.

Let’s Create a Stunning Swimming Pool and Living Space


Cypress, Texas, holds a special place in our hearts at Regal Pools. Its tight-knit community and appreciation for outdoor living provide the perfect backdrop for our pool and spa creations. We are devoted to enhancing the outdoor lifestyles of Cypress residents, designing extraordinary, one-of-a-kind swimming pools and living spaces that set the stage for enduring memories.

Whether you’re in the market for a custom pool, a pool renovation with captivating water features, top-notch pool service, or the construction of a brand-new outdoor paradise, Regal Pools is your trusted partner in turning your visions into reality, from inception to completion.

We are not simply pool builders; we are dream makers, dedicated to making the luxury of pool ownership accessible to every Cypress household. A pool from Regal Pools is more than just a pool; it’s an immersive experience, a testament to our unwavering commitment to excellence, and an assurance of a project executed with boundless passion and dedication.

Cypress, Texas, is a community close to our hearts at Regal Pools. Its strong sense of community and love for outdoor living make it the perfect canvas for our pool and spa designs. We are dedicated to enriching the outdoor experiences of Cypress residents, crafting remarkable, one-of-a-kind swimming pools and living spaces that become the backdrop for cherished memories.

Our commitment to Cypress, Texas extends to various areas of expertise, including:

Pool Builders in Cypress: Our team comprises seasoned pool builders in Cypress, Texas, ready to turn your pool dreams into a stunning reality.

Custom Pools: We specialize in crafting custom pools that suit your unique preferences and the aesthetics of your Cypress home.

Inground Pools: Enjoy the luxury of inground pools expertly designed by Regal Pools in Cypress.

Pool Installation: Our precise pool installation services ensure that your pool is a perfect fit for your backyard.

Pool Construction: With years of experience in pool construction, we are well-equipped to manage your Cypress pool project from start to finish.

Fiberglass Pools: Fiberglass pools that combine durability with aesthetics, offering a wide range of choices.

Pool Financing: We provide pool financing options, making your dream pool an achievable reality.

Backyard Paradise: Transform your Cypress backyard into a paradise with our comprehensive services.

Customer Satisfaction: Our commitment to customer satisfaction is unwavering, and we aim to exceed your expectations.

Pool Size: Whether you prefer a compact pool or a larger one, we can accommodate your requirements.

Pool Renovation: Revitalize your old pool into a stunning, upgraded pool.

Spas: Enhance your Cypress property with spa installations to enjoy year-round relaxation.

Project Management: We take pride in effective project management to ensure your pool construction runs smoothly.

3D Design: Visualize your dream pool with our 3D design services.

Interstate 45: Regal Pools serves Cypress and its surrounding areas, conveniently accessible from Interstate 45.

For a free quote and to discuss how we can turn your dream pool into reality, contact us today. We understand that every project may vary based on your needs, the size of your backyard, and the setbacks you may have, but our commitment to excellence remains constant. With many years of experience in building custom inground pools in Cypress, you can trust Regal Pools to bring your dream pool and outdoor living space to life.

More History of Cypress, Texas

The recent find of a San Patrice projectile point at the Dimond Knoll site nearby on Cypress Creek attests to a human presence in the area by 7500 BC. By the early historic era, the area around present-day Cypress was populated by Atakapa and Akokisa Indian tribes, but they soon disappeared after the appearance of German settlers in the 1840s;

The German heritage is most notably reflected in the names of some of the major thoroughfares of the area, such as Huffmeister and Telge Roads. General Sam Houston and his Texas Army camped in the area on March 22, 1836 on the way to Harrisburg, which is now in East Houston, just days before the Battle of San Jacinto.

If you would like to schedule a complimentary consultation with our pool design team or you would like more information regarding new pool construction, pool renovation, pool service, water features or outdoor living spaces from Regal Pool Designs, please feel free to contact us directly.

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