Is It Safe To Swim In A Pool After Rain?

Well, is it safe to swim in a pool after rain? Is your pool cloudy after rain? If you live in a region prone to experiencing frequent storms, summer tornadoes, and winter freezing temperatures, getting the answers to these questions is imperative. This article shows you how to prepare your pool before a storm hits and get it back into shape once the storm passes.

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Should I Run My Pool Pump When it Rains?

This might be difficult due to a hard freeze. But to keep your pool equipment pipes from freezing, all you need to do is leave your pumps running as long as the temperature is below 32F degrees. Other things you can do include:

  • Don’t run the booster pump. Instead, run the main circulation pump and other secondary water feature pumps.
  • Your pool cover might not keep water warm, but don’t run your heater since it isn’t necessary.
  • Check your air sensor to ensure your “Freeze Protection” works properly. The system is responsible for kicking on the main circulation pump and the secondary water feature pumps once temperatures drop below 37 degrees. You don’t want cloudy pool water after rain.
  • Get rid of all your pool cleaners and store them in your garage, away from the freezing weather.
  • If you notice freezing in the pool, use your automatic pool covers or heavy blankets to cover your pipes. You can also wrap the smaller pipers using foam.

Heavy Rains or Flood

Whether your pool turned green after rain or not, getting it back to its optimal chemistry is important. Balancing the water immediately will protect your swimming pool depth by preventing damage to your pool equipment and surface.

Remember, rain is acidic. Hence, pool overflowing from rain causes the Alkalinity and pH levels to lower. Very low pH causes pool water to turn very clear and acidic, which destroys your pool surface and equipment. You might lose your heater’s copper heat exchanger, which is expensive to replace or repair in the worst cases.

  • Keep Muriatic Acid, Shock, Alkalinity, and Chlorine close to test and treat your pool’s chemistry immediately once the rain ends.
  • Remember, water from the patio, roof, and landscape could be filling your pool, making your pool water chemistry much more contaminated.
  • You might experience too much water in pool due to rain, hence, monitor your water level. Use your backwash line or waste to drain the excess water as the pool continues to get full.
  • However, make sure you don’t drain the water past the skinner openings to prevent the motor’s burning due to the pump catching air.

High Winds, Tropical Storms, and Hurricanes

Is it safe to swim in a pool after rain? You can do several things to prepare your pool after a hurricane or a storm. These are our pool cleaning tips:

  • Use shock treatment on your pool one or two days before the storm. Add chlorine levels significantly during the treatment and let it run for 24 hours to allow the treatment to fill the entire pool.
  • Make sure all furniture or items around your pool are safe to prevent injury to persons or property.
  • Store your pool cleaner in your shed or garage.
  • Turn your pool equipment off at the breaker just a few hours before the storm to prevent damage to the electrical parts. These include heater electronics, automation systems, and pump motors. A pump motor submerged in water when running will need replacement.
  • If you suspect your pool will overflow, turn equipment power on and run the pump in backwash and waste to reduce water. Only do this if it is safe to go outside. Otherwise, let your pool overflow: keep yourself safe.

Water In Pool After The Storm

Is it advisable to backwash or clean your filter after a major storm, flood, or heavy rain? After all, it will prevent your pool from turning green or cloudy.

    • Remove all the debris in every basket.
    • Remove all the debris from the pool using a vacuum or a net as soon as possible. The longer you wait, the likelier you are to have a chemically unbalanced and stained pool.
    • Once all the debris is gone, brush the benches, steps, and walls in the pool.
    • Then test your water chemistry and make the necessary adjustments to the Alkalinity and pH. Shock the pool when you are done to oxidize the pool water and spike the chlorine level.
    • Leave the pool to run for a day while you monitor the filter pressure. After the day is over, test the water chemistry again and make any additional adjustments to the pH and Alkalinity.

    These are the chemicals you will need for your pool:

        • Salt or chlorine
        • Alkalinity
        • Calcium Increaser – used after a significant hurricane or storm
        • Phosphate Remover – to only use if phosphate levels have increased.
        • Shock
        • Muriatic Acid
        • Cyanuric Acid – used after a significant hurricane or storm
        • Algaecide – if your pool has any signs of black, yellow, or green algae.
    Keep in mind that using any of these chemicals can be a safety hazard so it is always best to leave this to the professionals to take care of.

    Is it Safe?

    Are you still wondering if it is safe to swim in a pool after rain or how to drain water from pool after rain: Follow this basic guide to ensure your pool is safe for use after a storm. Ensure you secure and prevent damage to your pool. Call us if you need help with your equipment, filter cleans, or pool chemistry.

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